Sunday, 15 January 2012

What I'm Into!

The question what are you into I actually find hard to answer, maybe its the fact that I'm never usually asked it, more often than not the question is what are you not in. My whole life I've been involved in so many different things and I have always loved it. For me explaining each activity/group I am a part of may be hard, so I'm going to explain it using the 4 main sectors that make up ME! The four are: School, Church, Cadets and the Community.
I am very active in my school, being active in it is something I highly pride myself in! We spend at least 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for about 10 months in school why not try to make the best of it but getting involved? In school I am a part of the relay for life team, I am a breakfast program volunteer, a part of tutoring for tuition, on the public speaking team, I was a server at the grad, took part in the 30 hour famine, organized the "Coats for Kids" campaign, I am in Band, Choir, Drama club, Leadership(which is similar to student council), Social Action and Social Action executive. Although I love all of the activities. If I had to choose a favorite it would be Social Action. Last year we were a group of about 12-15 students who were very dedicated to humanitarian work, we had food bank drives, collected enough money and boxes for 30 Operation Christmas Child boxes, we had a clothing drive, continued to raise funds for our compassion child, raised thousands of dollars to buy gifts for the happy tree and the single parents society, we organized a female empowerment day for younger girls and lots more. This year we have done so much as well and our group has grown to almost 40! 

My church has been very important for all of my life. I attend The Grand Falls Citadel church where I am a member of The 4real worship team, The Solid Rock Brass Band, the senior band and the NL West Divisional Youth band. I am also a Senior Soldier, I teach Sunday School, I am a Kids Club Jr. Leader, I attend teen cell group and youth group, a vocalist, speaker and pianist. Over the past year I have helped out with and attended junior youth councils, various fundraisers, operation Christmas child, Rally day, Praise kids performances, the Red Shield Campaign, see you at the pole, Christmas Kettles, Preforming at seniors homes,  serving Christmas dinners, Bay Roberts Band/Ministry trip, YC and other youth camps. Being involved in the Salvation Army is always something new, we are more than just a denomination, we are also an organization dedicated to serving others. William Booth once said, “While women weep, as they do now, I'll fight; while children go hungry, as they do now I'll fight; while men go to prison, in and out, in and out, as they do now, I'll fight; while there is a drunkard left, while there is a poor lost girl upon the streets, while there remains one dark soul without the light of God, I'll fight, I'll fight to the very end!” One thing that is very unique to the Salvation Army is the brass band, at my church we have a youth band that we call SRB, it got it's name when we went to Edmonton on a youth band exchange, and  a senior band. Also there is a Divisional Youth band that takes in all of the many churches around, players who enjoy playing have an opportunity to get together and play more challenging pieces. Being involved in my church is very important to me and dear to my heart, however the most important thing to me is making sure that everything I am doing is for God and that I'm not letting myself be more interested in what I'm doing than who I'm doing it for.

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets is one of the greatest programs I ever became a part of. It had truly sculpted the person I am today and I cant imagine my life without it! I am an instructor teaching younger cadets, I have participated in multiple cadets caring for Canada events, fundraisers, recycling drives, and community parades. Right now I am the Band Major, with that I instruct cadets in band on how to read and play music. I am a public speaker for my squadron, I have won numerous competitions and even won the provincial competition and traveled to Saskatchewan for the national competition. For the past 4 summers I have attended Cadet Summer Training Centers in Nova Scotia, the first one was just general training and then the next 3 summers were 6 week band camps, I have gained leadership skills, confidence and good musical ability through my summer training. When I joined cadets I was twelve and an AC (no rank) now I am a Flight Sergeant (6 ranks later) and hopefully soon to be a warrant officer.  I started my Duke of Edinburgh through cadets too and I have completed my bronze, silver and gold already. This program offers something for everybody and molds character and teaches leadership and that is part of the reason I am into it!

This category takes in basically miscellaneous of my involvement. within my community I am involved in Fresh Start Theater, this year we are currently working on the play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, last year we did "Suessical." the group consists of a very large number of people from around 5-old haha. We have a lot of fun together and also participate in workshops. I am a member of the Celtic Spirit Dancers, I take dance classes and am a member of the performance group, which is more of a family than a group. We did a musical last year called "I Want to Break Free," it was amazing and so much fun. This year our musical is called "Piano Man" its an amazing play on February 2-4(tickets on sale now, but I'm not advertising haha). We do lots of performances all over the community, and last year for International Dance Day we did random acts of dance. This year our group is going to Ireland, the trip is going to one of a lifetime and we are going to participate in workshops and watch the World Irish Dancing Championships in Belfast! I have collected for many groups such as Children's Wish Foundation and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Just recently I was a medal bearer for the Rick Hansen Relay. I am a member of FINALY, however not a very active member (yet!). I take Piano and voice lessons and have participated in the Kiwanis Music Festival for years. 

What I'm Into
It may sound like I'm involved in a lot and I'm not going to say I'm not, if I sat down and thought about it I could probably think of more that I do that I didn't mention, but it's not a bad thing. Many of the teenagers who are giving the rest of us a bad name are the ones who aren't doing anything and have the time to do and think of stupid things to get them in trouble. Being involved has not changed for me, if anything over the years I have gotten more involved. Volunteering and being involved are an important part of me that will stick with me forever. Many people think that being this involved i must not be like other teenagers, but I think I am. I work at the Gordon Pinsent Center for the Arts as an Usher, I have a paper route that drives me sometimes. I'm into the same kind of music, I like my tswift, Relient k and I get the very occasional beiber fever, I read the hunger games and enjoyed it and I am an avid potter fan. I have an addiction to dance moms that is probably not healthy since its not a very sane show. I like sleeping in, warm rainy days and thoroughly believe procrastination is key when it comes to school (though my mom doesn't really share that belief). I'm into a lot, but that's ok, if I wasn't I wouldn't be the crazy, nerdy loving person that I know I am! :D

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