Wednesday, 21 December 2011

TED video :)

Youth Delegates turn their backs to Canada, while Canada officially removes itself from the Kyoto Accord at the Climate Conference in Durban, South Africa.
Hey there!! At LDW they showed us a TED video, it was the first one I had ever seen, it was also the like craziest thing I'd ever seen. It was about how school kills creativity, I was pretty much mind blown haha. Earlier this month, with good intentions of writing my blog on time, I had chosen an amazing video by a girl who was 20 years old and is spreading the word through her personal story about being young and having an impact, however after my procrastination, someone already chose that video :p and I understand why its awesome. (Go watch it: After looking at other videos though I found more, equally awesome video, including the one I am going to share now!,  I chose this video because of the message it sends. The lady in this video talks mostly about plastic, because plastic is something most of us use 100 times a day without thinking about it. Plastic unlike glass can never return to what it was originally (ex a plastic bottle can never be a plastic bottle again). Plastic is polluting our oceans, the pictures in this videos show many beaches COVERED in plastic, the picture that completely stood out to me showed a bird that had died and inside of him he was full of plastic. I realize that we have to use plastic, I use it a lot, this video just says to reduce, reuse and recycle and also to refuse when possible. That means not buying plastice bottles and using glass ones, or aluminum and don't buy bottled water, because you can reuse one bottle over and over, AND honestly most bottled water has been tested to be more dirty than the city of Boston (who wants to drink that?). When are we going to learn that we only going to get one planet? When are we going to take responsibility for our own actions? Recently I have been pretty upset with the country we live in, I love Canada deeply, however the message they just portrayed by backing out of the Kyoto Accord is completely awful. An article I recently read talking about Canada's Decision it said "But if we officially withdraw from Kyoto before the end of 2012, we wont be judged under the agreement and we wont be liable for any penalties" and "Since the Harper government has considered Kyoto to be a bad deal from the beginning, the decision to pull out as it comes to an end makes perfect sense." These statements drive me completely nuts, if you look at it, EVERYTHING we have been taught about keeping our word has gone out the window. AND even more than the fact that it is wrong to go back on your word, what message is this sending about how our country cares? We do so much for other countries and trying to make this world a friendly place to live, but what is that going to matter when there is no planet to live on? Its time Canada took responsibility for their actions, maybe penalties and fines would have been a wake  up call. Although we are not legally binded to a treaty, I seriously hope more is put into place in the IMMEDIATE future for Canada to cut back on their pollution. So remember to reduce, reuse, recycle and when you can refuse! Please do your part to help the planet, because is is time to put People before Polluters!


  1. Great video! I agree that the greatest impact we can have as consumers in reducing pollution is by refusing to purchase products which use copious and unnecessary amounts of packaging. If we can all make a concerted effort to buy products that have less plastic packaging, it would make a huge difference!

  2. Oh my I just realized I picked the same video! Ahaha Oh well it's a message worth spreading! Great write-up :)