Monday, 5 March 2012

Think Ahead!

I can not believe this is my last blog post! Wow time has flown! Thinking about the future can be somewhat scary. Although right now I am not completely certain what I want to do when I graduate and what I want to be, I know that I will never stop being involved or being a leader!

This summer I applied for a three week international exchange to Israel, if I were to be accepted to this it would be the experience of a lifetime. Traveling has the potential to be a great opportunity to learn so much. I feel it is essential to learn all I can about other cultures and to take any opportunity that is placed in front of me. 

For me the fact that I am graduating next year seems crazy! Grade 12 is so close. Next year I will definitely stay involved in school, being my last year I plan to get involved in everything I can. I love the Social Action group at my school and the leadership team and next year hopefully I can take on larger roles in these groups, also next year I want to get involved in the grad steering group and help to plan my graduation. Next year in cadets I am very excited to take on new leadership roles in my squadron! Being involved has taught me so much more than just going to class everyday, I have become a very well rounded teenager. I have gained confidence and grown into the person I am today from my involvement.

After high school, unlike many of the other Horizon Students, I am unsure of what I want to be. Right now I have thought about other music education, primary education or entering the Canadian Forces for military law or infantry. My mom often says that my mind changes depending on the day, and I guess that's true. The plan today is to attend MUN after High School for my first year and go from there. I know for certain that I will attend MUN because it is a great university, what I am going to study there is the problem (haha)! I am positive by the time I am applying for university next year I will absolutely know what I am going to do! As for involvement that is a no brainer, I will definitely continue to be involved!

I can not believe this is my last blog, it has been very rewarding and fun! It's really taught me a lot about myself and allowed me to reflect on why I am a leader and why I am involved. It has been great to get to know a little bit about everyone, you are all great leaders and great members of your communities! I really hope to see all of my fellow horizon students soon, and if not i know I will see you all again at leap and when we enter MUN! 

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